1. The Camp Letters

    We thought these were lost. A bundle of letters I wrote to my parents from Camp Betsy Cox in 1987 when I was 11. But they’ve been found. 

    In reading them, I was taken aback by the voice and self reflection of this little girl. 

    This is the first letter. I’ve settled into my cabin, Horrid Hamlet, I’m looking for friends, and searching for my place. 


    Dear Mom, Dad, and Timmy,

    So far camp is really great. I don’t really have a true posotive friend yet but everyone really likes me. I have my I eye on someone but we are both kind of shy. Her name is Bonnie. She lives in Manhatten. One camper in our bunk still hasn’t arrived. Her name is Amelia*. In swimming lessons I am in Swimmers! And I am an advanced rider. Every Wednesday there is a trail ride. Bonnie loves riding too. Gotta go!



    p.s. I love you! Remember to write back

    *I had high hopes for this Amelia

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