1. The Camp Letters: 2

    It’s early on in the first week at Camp Betsy Cox and I’m still doing fine.


    Dear Mom,

    You’re right! Camp is cozy and friendly. So far I a haveing a very wonderful time. I did get homesick but I am alright now. 

    In riding I had to ride the trouble pony because he was being bad. He started bucking but I swear I wasn’t that scared!

    Today is Space Day. To save me from a tired, sore hand ask Dad about it.

    Did you have a nice time at your birthday dinner? I hope you did. 

    I can’t wait to see the house! Tell Timmy that was a beutiful picture.

    Don’t worry, Mom. After about five years with your handwriting I am used to it. And I will definitly write a lot. 

    Love and kisses from the walking Bug Bite!



    p.s. Don’t worry about the costume, I don’t need it.

    p.s.s I might need more stamps.

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