1. The Camp Letters: 4

    In the thick of it now…

    July 4

    Dear Mom + Dad,

    This is to tell you how I feel and what is wrong.


    How I feel

    1) Very very very, very very homesick

    2) Mad at you cause you won’t let me come home

    3) Confused because I don’t know if you want me to come home in other words I don’t know if you care enough about how I am feeling. If you do care then let me come home!!

    4) Embarrased because for the second time I wet my bathing suit on the way to the pond.

    5) Awful


    What is wrong/problems

    1) My friends are pretty good friends but not enough to talk to about personal problems that couselers wouldn’t understand.

    2) When ever I have to go to the bathroom real bad, when I go hardly anything (pee) comes out.


    Won’t you people just listen to me? I don’t want to be here anymore! I am to homesick to live. Can’t you understand that? I WANT TO COME HOME!!!

    My counselors can’t do anything about it. I asked Mrs. D* if I could call you again but she said take it 1 step at a time. What is that supposed to mean? The counselers say I have to do this on my own with Mrs. D. Now do you understand why I want you to call me?!!? Please Call! 

    YOU HABE TO CALL!!! IF YOU DON’T CALL I WON’T EAT ANYTHING UNTIL YOU DO!!! I HAVE BEEN TRYING MY HARDEST. I JUST CAN’T DO ANY BETTER. I really don’t care if my friends aren’t home. It will give me time to vedge out, read, work on my playhouse and be with you. Or maybe earn a little money babysitting Timmy. It may sound awful to you but it sounds better then being away from home and being homesick to me. I still have Downer* to go to. I promise I will go here next year if a person I know goes. It might make me feel better because [if] I am homesick that person will know how I feel better. Also because they live near me. You just don’t understand!!! Please let me come home. I have put all of my EEFFF-OORRTT into it. PLEASE!?

    Love, your non understood daughter,

    Jessie Klein

    What I need if you make me suffer->

    If you’re going to make me stay here get me a new book.

    Title: Daphne

    Author: Marilyn Kaye

    Cover: A picture of her holding a pencil. She has dark glasses on. It’s a book like Phoebe


    I am counting on you not to send that book because you promised. Well I am still homesick.

     * Mrs D. was the camp director. She was probably in her 70’s, wore a polo shirt and khaki shorts, and a visor. She had short-cropped grey hair and I thought she was a real tough lady.


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