1. The Camp Letters: 6

    Things change after this one, I promise…

    July 4, 1987

    Dear Mom, 

    You’re just telling me to try harder because you don’t know what it’s like. I lost my flashlight, Innie’s* head is very wobbly probably because I dropped her on the floor 3 times while I was sleeping. I am really worried her head neck might give in altogether. And there is this girl in my bunk. Her name is Amelia. She just thinks she’s the head of the world. She’s always saying that people only like me because I am always homesick and crying. She’s jelous of me! Why should SHE want to be jealous of me!? We always get into fights. Like last night, I couldn’t find my flash light (well I had lost it way before that, but, I was just looking again). So Amanda said that Jessica P. probably stole it because she’s always lying. So I said, “I know.” Amelia realy exploded. Then, Amelia was yelling at me. Then I realized that I shouldn’t have said what I did. So I started making silly excuses. Then Amelia said I always had to be perfect, Miss Prissy. Then she spit right in my face and told me to get off her case. Then I said for her to get away from me if she was going to act like that because she was practicly hugging me. Then 2 counselers from the cabin next to ours came and asked if anything was wrong. Then Jessica came in from the bathroom. Jenny and Amanda blabbed out everything to Chris - a girl counseler - and Katie the two counselers. Chris said that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions. So I said to Amelia, “See I’m not perfect and I am sorry for what I said. I make mistakes to!” Amelia gave me a very discusting look. Chris said that she should except my apology. But Amelia is still mad even though she said she excepted.** 

    I am sorry for all the mean letters. But I still want to come home and don’t expect me to be joyus and happy all the time. I still mean what I said in all the letters. You should still consider letting me come home. You promised that in a week if I was still homesick you would let me. 

    This morning Amanda turned on to her radio. We lissened to a station that was the T.V. First it was about 5 minutes of Wild Fire and then we listened to some of the Muppet Babies. I got so homesick ‘cause I could imagine Timmy sitting on the tan couch sucking his cute little thumb watching cartoons! You have to consider letting me come home because you promised. And I am miss something —>

    [other side]


    *beloved doll

    **so much for this Amelia

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