1. He’s 3


    Today you are three. This year brought many changes for you… The end of diapers, your very own legitimate bed, the start of preschool, a baby brother. You’ve embraced the changes beautifully and sometimes I think watching you go through these big transitions is harder for me than it is for you to go through them. When Indi was born I missed you so. You seemed to grow up in an instant and I wondered, had I missed some part of your life? How are you so big now? But no, thankfully I’ve missed nothing and I feel more glad than ever that I get to be your mama. You are a smart, sharp, loving, willful boy. You are obsessed with your garbage truck and I love to watch you carefully place (those annoying) bits of paper into the little trash cans. And you know just how to attach the cans to your truck. There is a gentleness in your hands. You love elephants and you use your arm like a trunk, gracefully raising it above your head and letting out your best elephant call. With the weather being cooler you’ve started to more easily get dressed. But for a whole it’s been a real battle and sometimes we’ve even had to walk you to school naked or in just one of my tee shirts and dress you outside the school gate. You wore a periwinkle teeshirt of mine until it literally came apart at the seams. You say you are a princess. When Indi was born you were in the room and since then you’ve liked to re-enact the scene, having one of us hold your legs as you push and cry out, “it hurts!” Right now you love the Mole Sister books and Babar. You speak very well but still don’t quite pronounce your L’s. You switch the k and the p in the word ‘keep’ so you’ll say, “I don’t need to wear clothes because the blanket will peek me warm.” It is so sweet I can’t correct you. You’ve started watching movies like Rio, Finding Nemo, Dumbo and Mary Poppins. But sometimes the scary or sad scenes make you cry. When you’re at school I feel relieved because I know you’re in an amazing, nurturing place and you’re happy and safe. But I also miss you. You like to sing dance and tumble. You like to make big messy piles, and to dump a lot of water out of your bath. You and dad work in the garden together and go for walks to Cookbook (you can walk the whole way). You love Japanese food and Indian. And yogurt and kefir and olives. When I’m holding the baby and you approach us you ask me to say “here comes big brother Asa.” You are loving toward your brother but you have asked if he can go back in my belly. I am still getting used to this new dynamic of not being able to give you all of my attention. But one day, I hope, you’ll understand. You are a beautiful boy and we love you so much.

    Mom and Dad

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