1. A Day of Travel and a Day of Thanks

    Thank you parents (who are amazing grandparents), thank you JetBlue for the good seats, thank you patrons of JFK’s restroom at Gate 20 for only offering me encouragement as my son had a tantrum on the floor, and then fell asleep there, thank you row mates for being so AMAZING and for sticking up for me when my son woke up abruptly during take off and had (yet another) 45 minute meltdown, NO THANKS to the grumpy lady in the row behind us wondering why I couldn’t “get him under control.” Thank you to the lady sitting in front of me for patting my arm when I started to cry. Thank you impermanence. Thank you organic, low sugar lollypops, thank you toddler headphones, thank you Sesame Street (and Feist, Adam Sandler, Amy Adams, Jack Black, India Arie, John Krasinsky, Emma Stone, and Bruno Mars).  Thanks to everyone who told me to wrap up little gifts to be opened at various points throughout the flight. Thank you Play-doh. Thank you stickers. Thank you finger skateboard, thank you Elmo “cell phone”. Thank you lady across the row for telling me I am an amazing mother. Thank you Asa for being such a trooper. Thank you Lynn for picking us up and not batting a lash at the final meltdown of the day. Thank you AAA for coming so promptly to jump start my dead Prius and put air in Isaiah’s flat Golf tire. Thank you Sarah for bringing us dinner last night and ensuring me I was only having a panic attack, and not coming down with a dreaded flu. Thank you Asa for sleeping 11 straight hours last night. Thank you Gloria for the loving daycare. Thank you Los Angeles for this golden, soothing day.